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1.4 oz Infant Air Drying Imprint Soft Clay Kit

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Your baby will only stay little for so long, so memorialize these precious moments by imprinting their hand and foot in clay. This clay kit is air drying and it makes the process so much fun. Read the instructions that come with it and soon you will have something special to always remember.


Weight : 1.4 oz (2 packages of 0.7 oz soft clay) (40 g)

If your baby is bigger than average, we suggest you buy more!

0-6 months (hand: 1 order, foot: 1 order)
6-12 months (hand: 1-2 orders, foot: 1-2 orders)
1-2T (hand: 1-2 orders, foot: 2 orders)
More than 2T (hand: 2 orders, foot: 2-3 orders)

The color of letter molds will be sent in random color
The size of letter molds is about 1.7 x 1.7 inch (4.5*4.5cm)



1. Do not open bag until ready to use (it will dry)
2. Knead impression material for approximately 1 minute for clean smooth consistency.
3. Place impression material on a piece of aluminum foil when rolling out.
4. Roll impression material to approximately 1/3 inch think.
5. Wet hand or foot before pressing into impression material.
6. Allow the finished print to air-dry in a cool dry area for approximately 72 hours. Do not heat or bake. 
7. Give it about 10 days to air-dry to make sure it dries inner part of impression material.


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Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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